Life at Hano Academy

Have a glimpse of how is it to live in Hano, the various student activities and amenities we have to support your learning. We not only produce graduates but also produce wholistic individuals who are ready to tackle the world challenges wholesomely as not only focus on academics but also on a whole personal development.

Event and Traditions

We occasionally hold seminars and outdoor events at our campus

We promote and enhance student overall growth and this we do by exposing our students to out-of-class experiences to enhance interactions with the real world through talks and seminars, science expos, exhibitions, competitions, interactions with industry experts, etc.

Student Activities

We support student activities across the campus to enable them to enhance their skills and growth generally.

Social Life

Enhancing interactions and improving student life on the campus


There are many options to travel to campus.

Our academy is near town and is accessible by public transport, taxi, and tuk-tuk.


We have several parking spaces lots available at the campus. The parking is available 24 hours with 24hours security. We make sure that everything is under control.

The Campus Experience

Hano Academy was established by Dr Sadiyo Siad and has offered its service to over 23,000 people across Somalia. As a national key stakeholder in higher education, STEM education, Technical Vocational and Education Training (TVET), job creation, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities; the academy has provided positive change among youth, women, detainees, IDPs, and professionals both from private and public sector.

Dining On Campus

Good and spacious eatery offering awsome delicacies and cuisines.

Community responsibility

Give food to IDPs, clean the neighborhood and give help to IDP students.

Arts & Culture

Promoting the Somali culture through culture and heritage activities.

Information Technology

Equipped classrooms with internet to support effective learning.

Health & Wellness

We endeavor to maintain an environment that offers a wholistic well-being.

Safety and Security

Safe and secure premises, a conducive environment to support learning.

Achieve and maximise your potential

Hano Academy