International World Literacy Day

The International World Literacy day which happened in Hirshabelle on 8th of September in several districts among them Jowhar and Balcad saw several educationalists, communities group representatives, key stakeholder in the education sector and even government representation come together to acknowledge the milestone that literacy has taken in Somali. The event was as spectacular as no other as it was characterized by several speeches, key not speaking, report giving and updates amongst other refreshments activities.

Somali in the recent past has witnessed a greater milestone in the literacy levels amongst several districts namely Balcad and Jowhar in Hirshabelle state through the involvement of stakeholder who have partnered in joint effort to steer this noble assignment forward. Through the BAB project, a USAID funded project on a mission to see an increase to quality accelerated education for out-of-school youth and children in Somali, Hano Academy has been in the forefront in pioneering academic progression and polytechnic skill training particularly vocational and technical skills training and professional education to support a mix of career-enhancing pathways aiming to provide learners achieve and maximize their potential to obtain employment or create and develop their own income generating ventures.

The International World Literacy day was a hallmark in acknowledging the greater achievements surpassed in Hirshabelle. This hallmark will go down in Somali history with notable key achievers who have been keenly involved in such as the ABE teachers, head teachers, CEC, Ministry of Education, and various community grouping who have realized key improvements such as bringing out-of-school children and youth to school.

On this day, it was observed in both districts, Jowhar and Balcad, that the number women in the meetings was notable and it was acknowledged and appreciated by the speakers who were either teachers of the ABE program or the ones holding senior positions in the two districts.

The event also saw key involvement of not only actively participating ABE teachers but also many other retired teachers, school administrators and elderly person who spoke at the event sharing their experiences in education and literacy and how it has evolved in Somali.

The event kick started with attendance recording from the participants in both districts after which proceeded to hold a prayer from one of the local religious persons and later welcoming from Hano Academy team who informed the attendees the purpose of the day.

It was characterized by key note speeches from among them youth representatives, women associations, elderly leaders, some ABE trained teachers already working on the schools who shared their experiences, offered valuable advices, narrated the milestones in literacy levels in Somali and also made their remarks on the BAB projects and how it has been on the forefront in supporting Jowhar and Blacad districts in achieving high literacy levels in Hirshabelle.

This event saw the trained ABE teachers take key lessons from the various speeches given and motivated them to learn. It also saw the teachers interact fully with other educationalists in the region as it brought together a lot of teachers from different schools in the region and outside Balcad and Jowhar to share their experiences and difficulties in schools and talk about the newly introduced ABE program.

Lessons were learnt and the event was marked successfully and some of the attendee participants forwarded several recommendations with concerns to better the future events.

Some of the recommendations given were as follows: inclusion of other activities to make participants engaged for the day, debate and discussions to be included in future events to enable better understanding of the importance of literacy levels, teachers to be given a day-off on this day to enable them learn, government officials to provide some of the literacy achievements for the state and lastly students to be included on this day and be given prizes to encourage and motivate them to work hard and perform better. The event was a success leaving the participants refreshed before leaving and motivated to be part of the ongoing BAB project.