Our Leadership Structure

Our Team and Leadership Structure

Our Team and Leadership Structure We are a team of high achievers, highly educated and committed individuals, comprising Somalis and non-Somalis. Our primary aspire is to help Somalis by providing high-quality professional and language courses, as well as TVET skills training for economic independence of our trainees; and as a byproduct promote peacebuilding and social development, create jobs, and provide employment opportunities. Our leadership structure sets priorities and drives our growth, commitment, and quality standard as an institution of higher education. Hano Academy is governed by a team of a Board of directors. The daily administration is done by the management team which includes the Chancellor.

We also have an independent International Advisory Board that advises the Chancellor. They are combining both Somalis and non-Somalis. From the Chancellor, we have a linear management style composed of upper-level Directors of Departments. The second level of leadership comprises the Heads of Departments who work under respective directors. Under the Heads of Departments, we have other normal members of staff serving in different Departments. We strive to lead effectively, inspire, and be inspired! –