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Job Creation & Business Incubator

As part of our Job Creation, Work Experience and Employment Opportunities Programmes we have established following endeavours:

  •  Self-employment from ‘Baadigob – A Job Center for Freelancers’ – a portal with a 24 hour customer care service call center for direct hiring of self-employed people on freelance basis
  • Apprenticeship, Internship and Workplace Experience from Hano Recruitment Agency
  • Employment Opportunities from Khibrad Recruitment Agency, which is Somali Job Gate that provides Employment Solutions – creating a platform where employers can hire employees everywhere in the world and where the employees can find their dream jobs
  • Securing employment from any of Hano Group Corporations including Martisoor Hospitality and Catering Company, Bulsho Eco-Construction, Hano Nursery and Learning Center, Higsi – Women Led Corporative, etc.
  • Beside working as freelancers, young Somalis can sell, buy or rent homes, cars, household materials, equipment or others products and services at “Baadigoob – Connecting the Dots” 


Hano Social Innovation Hub






In 2016, we created inside Hano Academy’s main campus, ‘Hano Social Innovation Hub’ – which has co-working spaces and functions as:

  • A Business Incubator, Accelerator and Connector for Somali entrepreneurs and Inventors.
  • Supports new entrepreneurs and SME to access micro-business finance, network and technology 
  • Supports Hano Academy’s graduates to access business start-up Kits/Tools 
  • A Business Training and Mentoring Hub for ecommerce, digital marketing and digital creative media, part of our job creation programmes; and an Incentive Hub which acts as our personal and social development centre, being part of our motivational talks for self-development and for the good of the country. This aims to raise personal aspiration, to reaffirm the need for hard work, to know that failure is a stepping-stone to success, to learn from other people’s lives, to realise that you are not alone, to accept responsibilities and accountability, to promote emotional intelligence, to develop leadership skills, to improve communication skills and to enhance personal health and wellbeing.
  • Maan-Maal: The Somali Leapfrog Foundry for Innovative Business Ideas (New Episode is Coming Soon….)