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Online Learning

Online Learning

In addition to Campus-based educational courses and vocational and technical skills training, Hano Academy offers you flexible Distance Learning courses and training that will suit your ability and ambitions to achieve and maximize your potential.

As you may know already, we at Hano Academy are here for you, through innovative and cutting-edge approaches to cultivate and nurture your ability to learn and obtain skills training with employment opportunities.

You can NOW study on Campus or study in your own home via our Distance Learning Platform at an affordable fee.

Just remember, investing in your future is more doable and affordable than you might think! 

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eLearningX by Hano Academy was founded with a vision of providing life-transforming learning experiences through the use of technology. Its main aim is to provide high-quality, accessible, integrated and affordable educational training to those who wish to learn new skills, upgrade their existing knowledge, advance their educational goals, boost career opportunities, or explore new hobbies, while at home or anywhere at all.

eLearningX is bringing on board reputable experts both from the West and the East who will contribute to the design and development of a rich curriculum. These curricula will reflect the challenges faced by different parts of the world, thereby bringing wholesome, tailored-made educational training to you specifically.

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