Nationwide Career Fair in 12 Cities

A Gateway to Gainful Employment

Nationwide Career Fair in 12 Cities

A Gateway to Gainful Employment

As a follow-up of the Mogadishu Job Fair, Hano Academy is hosting 12 Career Fairs in 12 cities on the last Thursday of every month. This is a culmination of the annual Somali Job Fair that has been held in Mogadishu for the past 3 years. The first Career Fair had been held in Laas Caanood and the final one will be held in Mogadishu. This rolling out of the countrywide Career Fair will help many youths and jobseekers make the right career decisions and help them to transcend their career progression ladders.

Many students in Somalia chose courses without proposer consultation or research. Majority of the courses don’t align with their interests, job availability and abilities there by churning out graduates who are neither passionate nor confident of the career choices. To curb this problem, Hano Academy has organized 12 Career Fairs that will be held in 12 cities. There will be a monthly Career Fairs each in a chosen city.

The Career Fairs provide an avenue through which job seekers meet with prospective employers. They get a chance to discuss the opportunities available in different fields and how they can easily get a job.  The Career Fair features CV Surgery, Networking, Panel Discussions, Guest Speeches and question and answer sessions, among others. It brings together the private sector, educational institutions and the academics who provide an insight into how to provide courses that are in line with jobs available in the modern job market, and specifically in their own cities.

“It’s such an incredible opportunity not only for job-seekers but also employers looking for specific talent. It’s the best way of ensuring a stable job market for the youth not only in the present but the future” said Dr. Sadiyo Siad, The Chancellor of Hano Academy

This will be the first time to hold such an event. It will be a platform for many people to understand the requirements of shining in the job market. It will also provide the necessary data for tall the stakeholders to ensure job creation in the country.

“Many youths are currently languishing in poverty despite having academic credentials. This is partly attributed to the wrong choices made during course selection. Lack of proper knowledge and counseling exposes learners to wrong career choices. However, programs such as the Career Fair will help solve these problems. Providing it across the 12 cities is a great option for prosperity of this country” said Eng. Abdihalim Adam Abdirahman

The following table shows the schedule for this year’s Somali career fair.

Timetable of Career Fair

 Lasa AnodThursday 27, January, 2022
 BosasoThursday 24, February, 2022
 KismayoThursday 31, March, 2022
 BaydhaboThursday 28, April, 2022
 DhusamarebThursday 26, May, 2022
 JowharThursday 30, June, 2022
 AbudwaqThursday 28, July, 2022
 GaroweThursday 25, August, 2022
 BeledweyneThursday 29, September, 2022
 GalkayoThursday 27, October, 2022
 BardaleThursday 24, November, 2022
 MogadishuThursday 29, December, 2022

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