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Job Creation & Employment Opportunity

Job creation & Business Incubator

Job Creation refers to the creation of jobs through identifying where there is unmet demand for a particular product or services. Prospective employees can then be trained to fill this demand in the market. Furthermore, it is ideal that the economy is on sure footing in order for private individuals to invest in job creation. Naturally, employment opportunities needed to provide through the use of network. These are maintained through a wide professional network, including formal professional bodies, conferences, social networks and institutions.

As part of our Job Creation, Work Experience, and Employment Opportunities Programmes we have established the following endeavors:

Mogadishu Job Fair

Mogadishu Job Fair is an annual event, that targets to bring together job seekers including returnees, IDPs and host community as well university graduates; government officials; companies; entrepreneurs, large and small business owners from trade market with an aim of networking, job creation, partnering, doing trades and sharing of entrepreneurial success stories. It also creates a meeting opportunity between employees and the employers thereby serving as a one-stop career point.

Mogadishu Job Fair marks an important milestone into the roadmap towards creating a platform to have a dialogue of the ever-growing demand for skilled workforce; apprenticeships and employment within the Region. This highly interactive event has offered valuable information on apprenticeship, jobs and traineeship schemes within the region including a consideration of how projects implemented within the region can develop new employment opportunities. It served as a unifying convention which enables stakeholders refine their commitment of actions and pledges.

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Social Info

  • To facilitate the hiring needs of Companies, Organizations, and the employment needs of local job seekers
  • To provide a venue to bring together employers and job seekers
  • To stimulate and promote the local economy and employment climate
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Career Guidance
  • CV Surgery
  • Employers and Job Seekers’ Meet and Greet Session
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Panel Discussions
  • Drama (Roleplay)
  • Entertainment
  • Networking
  • To decrease unemployment by creating opportunities for job seekers including returnees, IDPs and host community
  • To improve employer perception and satisfaction with the nationally available fresh graduates
  • To promote foreign investment opportunities by showcasing the availability and abundance and low-cost labor
  • To provide a platform through which participants including returnees, IDPs and vulnerable youth and women will discuss and make presentation on the following;
    • The local and regional traineeship and apprenticeship programs, lessons learnt and eventual outcomes.
    • The importance and need for technical assistance from the Somali Diaspora Community
    • Support from the government through respective ministries. The technical assistance and related tools and measures including setting up a liaison office, helpdesk

The event has created an excellent opportunity for jobseekers and establishing a sustainable network for all stakeholders.

It attracted over 38 companies with over 1,800 job seekers.

Success Stories

Career Fair

As a follow-up to Mogadishu Job Fair, we started hosting 12 Career Fairs in 12 cities on the last Thursday of every month. This Career Fair will help many youths and jobseekers make the right career decisions and help them to transcend their career progression ladders.

Many students in Somalia chose courses without proposer consultation or research. Majority of the courses don’t align with their interests, job availability and abilities thereby churning out graduates who are neither passionate nor confident of the career choices. To curb this problem, Hano Academy has organized 12 Career Fairs that will be held in 12 cities.

The Career Fairs provide an avenue to discuss options of educational training that will lead to employment, experts-gap, job opportunities available in different fields and how jobseeker can easily get employment. The Career Fair features CV Surgery, Career Guidance, Networking, Panel Discussions, Guest Speeches and question and answer sessions, among others. It brings together public and private sector, including educational institutions and the academics who provide an insight into how to provide courses that are in line with jobs available in the modern job market, and specifically in their own cities.

Aims and Objective

  • To provide the opportunity to make valuable contacts and learn more about various job opportunities in a variety of career fields.
  • To help to decide your career goal and the area you want to study or specialised
  • To provide guidance on how to prepare flawless resume and standout from the crowd


  • CV Surgery
  • Guest Speeches
  • Career Guidance
  • Panel Discussions
  • Networking Session

Self-employment at BaadiGoob Online

BaadiGoob is a digital commercial platform which creates profitable market for local small scale and medium size entrepreneurs selling products grown or made locally. Running a small and medium range business in Somalia faces many obstacles, especially for marginalized communities and women entrepreneurs. Therefore, BaadiGoob responds to that unique need and aims to close the opportunity gap for women entrepreneurs and members of disenfranchised communities get access to these competitive markets.

BaadiGoob also established freelancing job opportunities for many job-seekers who are currently unemployed in the country.

Besides working as freelancers, young Somalis can sell, buy or rent homes, cars, household materials, equipment, or other products and services at “BaadiGoob – Connecting the Dots” 

Our Mission

Our mission is to unlock the creativity, trading and entrepreneurship power of our people, to strengthen the economy and open opportunities especially to women and disenfranchised communities to drive up growth and prosperity

Our Main Target

Our target is Somali business entrepreneurs especially women and members of disenfranchised communities seeking to advertise, market and sell their products and supplying them to potential clients.

What We Believe

We believe in advancing humanity, building trust and providing everyone access to economic opportunities and business solutions for economic growth and human development.

More information, please visit at:


For these students who wish to be self-employed by creating their own business, Hano Academy offers support through it’s Social Innovation Hub which is a business incubator, accelerator and connector for the next generation of innovative business ideas. For more information about Hano Social Innovation Hub, please visit here: KM5, Hodan District, Mogadishu, Somalia

Employment Opportunities at Khibrad Recruitment Agency

Khibrad Recruitment Agency is a leading recruitment agency which provide complete recruitment solutions, sourcing and supplying quality staff and related human resource consultancy services.

Furthermore, Khibrad Recruitment Agency creates a platform where employers can hire employees everywhere in the world and where the employees can find their dream jobs.

For more information, please visit here:

Apprenticeship, Internship and Workplace Experience at Hano Recruitment Agency

Hano Recruitment Agency only supports those who are still in training or just finished their training and are looking for an apprenticeship, internship or workplace experience.

Apprenticeships involve a system of training student-employees within a particular trade or profession. The apprentice gains practical experience in the program through a detailed training plan. The apprentices will ideally attend their training at Hano Academy and also have their practical training on the job. The theoretical study in a formal setting, regular progress reviews as well as support and mentoring throughout the program. Apprenticeships are ideally paid a wage, although at sub-par rate relative to normal. Once the apprentice finishes their program, they will have the necessary skills and experience to properly enter the job market.

Internship is usually a short-term opportunity that employer offer to potential students or graduates. Furthermore, internship is far less likely to be paid opportunities unlike apprenticeships where there is usually some form of compensation. Internship also tends to focus more on training and practical experience within the context of a company. This would also give the intern work contacts which will expand their networking opportunities. Both of these programs are different methods to acquire work experience, other types workplace shadowing, student placements, volunteering. The most common method of acquiring work experience is simply conventional employment, however unlike the other method there’s a much higher entry requirement to get on the basis if prior experience. As a result, workplace experience is much easier to acquire through the methods and programs.