Hodan Nalayeh Scholarships in Digital Creative Media

Hodan Nalayeh Scholarship was officially launched today in Mogadishu, Somalia. The scholarship that has attracted more than 30 applicants is offered in memory of Somalia’s prolific Journalist the late Hodan Nalayeh. Hodan was a key voice in matters concerning Somali people worldwide and had a platform that reached out to millions of people across the globe. Hodan Nalayeh who had moved from Canada to settle in Somalia lost her life in Kismayo in a hotel terrorist. At the time of her death Hodan was working on a project aimed at empowering Somali girls/women in STEM in collaboration with Hano Academy and Somali STEM Society.

Interested applicants drawn from different professional fields and parts of the world attended a virtual interview conducted by Hano Academy and Somali STEM Society. The scholarship seeks to provide training in the field of Digital Creative Media to interested candidates and will be provided by Hano Academy’s online platform at eLearningX. It will involve core modules such as ICT for Digital Skills; Digital Visual Literacy; Digital Oral Storytelling; and Social Media, Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Blogger, and V-logger which will be covered in the first semesters. The second semester will be involved optional specialised course module such as Website Design; Multimedia Design; Television and Radio Production; or Photography, Filming and Video Editing. These will follow a final semester of Industry Placement (Apprenticeship).

Hano Academy will provide the training using their highly-acclaimed specialists sourced locally and internationally. At the end of the training, the candidates will receive a diploma in their respective knowledge area.

“Hodan was an inspirational leader who served as the voiceless. Her demise was a big blow to the Somali Society especially the women journalists. Her story of resilience and patriotism inspired many Somalis especially the youths whose interest is in story-telling and journalism. This scholarship is a big boost to these talented youths”. Said Dr Sadiyo Siad, the Chancellor of Hano Academy

This scholarship will cater for all course requirements. It will improve the trainees’ storytelling ability and introduce them to digital creative media skills. They will also learn how to create or improve their careers using the knowledge acquired. Although the course aims at creating a pool of self-employed digital story-tellers and journalists, its also expected to produce a cohort of skilled journalists who will join the mainstream journalism.