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About Hano Fund

Hano Fund is a unique fund that was established to aid in the effectiveness of Hano Academy activities, giving aid and support to students to enable them further their studies and also supporting them in gathering funds to boost their business ventures.

Given the urgency and seriousness of challenges, Hano Fund seeks to make a remarkable contribution to solve and respond to challenges in students’ journey encountered in pursuing individual dreams and career paths.

Various Donation Options

Student Scholarships

We enable students to pursue their dreams and further their studies by offering fully funded and partial scholarship opportunities.

Crowd Funding

Enabling our students to further their business and entrepreneurial ventures through crowdfunding which helps them build their capacity to carry out businesses.

Emergency Fund

To enable us to offer relief to the external surrounding giving aid to communities that are poverty-stricken, affected by pandemic and calamities.

Why give to Hano?

Student Scholarships

We provide seamless education and offer various scholarship opportunities for students to pursue their education.


We undertake various projects to help assist vulnerable people in society. One such is BAB project (Bar ama Baro) which seeks to support out of school children.

Emergency help

Emergency fund hep us miitigate cases of pandemics eg. COVID 19, drought, war etc

About Hano

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Thanks to you, our students are gaining the knowledge, skills and values to create a more humane, just, and sustainable world.