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Hano Cultural Heritage Hub

Hano Cultural Heritage Hub serves many purposes. This Somali Cultural Heritage Hub is one of its kind with its headquarters at Hano Academy, KM5, Hodan District, in Mogadishu, Somalia; with the aims at:

  • Teaching Somali literacy and numerous; citizenship and cultural heritage handcraft and arts
  • Contributing to strengthening Somali identity, cultural heritage and diversity for inclusive peace-building and state-building
  • Contributing to the use of culture for improved cohesion and peace among communities in Somalia
  • Fostering Somali’s Heritage: Creating links between Cultural heritage and job opportunities for Peace and Cohesion
  • Supporting the development of an open and inclusive society by engaging young women and men in a program that promotes culture as a source of knowledge values and identity and supports reconciliation, good citizenship, and diversity
  • To increase contribution of CSOs, local and international NGOs and other actors in the cultural sector, in promoting culture to foster sense of citizenship, inclusion and economic integration


Team Players

Hano Cultural Heritage Hub has a team comprised of both local and international professionals whose one of their common interest is rebuilding Somalia’s Cultural Heritage and linking people to job opportunities related to the sector. If you are interested, please contact our admin office on 0617773650