A Search for

English Proficient Teachers

Calling elite qualified teachers who would love the opportunity in Adult Education.

At this post, you will be teaching adult learners to develop knowledge/life skills and thereby improve their life chances for the better and boost their communication skills.
The ideal candidate will be required to travel to Somalia to provide residents with adequate security. Travel VISAS and work permits will be absolutely arranged.
About Hano Academy
Hano, which means ‘achieve’ in Somali, is an academic progression and polytechnic academy in Mogadishu, Somalia, designed to support and uplift its learners through skill training, educational development, and employment.
We are looking for teachers who are willing to provide online teaching for students to promote a collaborative supportive environment, and engage ongoing self-development as a person and as a professional.

The qualities Hano Academy is looking for include:
• Caring for the student’s success
• Self-reflective ability and willingness to engage in self-inquiry as you learn with students
• Communication skills— with the ability for empathetic listening
• Mutual respect
• Team-Player – with flexibility and adaptability
• Observational skills – the ability to scrutinize students
• Interest in contiguous fields (e.g., psychology, communication theory, etc.)

Educational background and experience requirements:
• BA or BSc
• Teaching experience
• English language teachers are required to have CELTA qualifications
• Teaching online experience is welcome but not required
• Masters degree welcome but is not required


How to Apply

Please submit an updated CV and covering letter to this address:
Please include “Name of the Position_Your Name” in the subject line.