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About Us

Hano Academy is Academic Progression and Polytechnic Academy in Somalia that offers:

  • Languages and Professional Development Courses and Training to traditional students and non-traditional working professionals, academics, civil servants, university graduates. 
  • Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) to technical labour-oriented individuals
    • Providing Skills Training both from the Academy and Enterprise based Companies 
  • Job Creation, Entrepreneurship and Employment Opportunities:
    • Job Creation and Entrepreneurship from Hano Social Innovation Hub – which serves as incubator, accelerator and connector for the generation of innovative ideas and social enterprises
    • Self-employment from Baadigob – A Job Center for Freelancers’ – a portal with a 24 hour customer care service call center for direct hiring of self-employed people on freelance basis
    • Apprenticeship, Internship and Workplace Experience from Hano Recruitment Agency
    • Employment Opportunities from Khibrad Recruitment Agency, which is Somali Job Gate that provides Employment Solutions – creating a platform where employers can hire employees everywhere in the world and where the employees can find their dream jobs
    • Securing employment from any of Hano Group Corporations including Martisoor Hospitality and Catering Company, Bulsho Eco-Construction, Hano Nursery and Learning Center, Higsi – Women Led Corporative, etc.
  • Hano Cultural Heritage Hub – which Safeguards Somali Literature and Cultural Heritage
  • Hano Research and Consultancy Firm – conducting both academic and industry-based research for companies, organizations, institutions and individuals


Through innovative and cutting-edge approaches, we are here for YOU to broaden your horizons, cultivate, and nurture your ability to achieve and maximise your potential!   Our inventive teaching methods are available both on Campus and via the Distance Learning Platform; these facilitate lectures and tutorials, as well as practical classes, flipped classroom and guided learning sessions with transferrable skills, which are occupation-specific to meet employers’ immediate needs. These courses and training are taught by our American, Canadian, British and other European teachers via our Online Live Software, assisted by our Hano Academy campus based Kenyan teachers. Furthermore, we provide weekly Crush Classes, taught by our Kenyan teachers, and Somali-English bilingual tutors, during which students receive help and detailed explanation on the points they have difficulty in understanding. Our higher-educated team of academic and vocational specialists brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Hano Academy to benefit your further education and/or skills training. The team is united by a common goal of improving and enabling learners to achieve and maximise their education and employment potential.

Our Vision is:

To equip learners to redeem their ability to grow their skills training and educational and employment potential, and to enable them to have a more inclusive society,  for they themselves to become generators of innovation!


Our Mission is:

To establish academic progression and polytechnic academies that facilitate our educational objectives, first in Somalia, then reaching out to other regions in Africa and beyond.

Our Aim is:

To help learners achieve and maximise their potential to obtain employment, or to create and develop their own income-generating ventures, or progress to further education, enabling them to contribute to social development in their community.

Our Objective is:

To offer facilities for acquiring knowledge, practical skills and expertise, designed to boost both personal and social development, as well as productivity, growth in the job market and profitability, and to promote innovation, through:

  • Upgrading skills
  • Academic progression
  • Personal and social development
  • Workplace experience for skills development
  • Vocational training (including basic education if required)
  • Entrepreneurship with Company formation and business start-ups

Hano Academy– Living Our Core Values