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"The Home of Innovative Academic Progression and Polytechnic Academy across Diverse Disciplines!"

This is a dynamic and pioneering Academy, which is here for you to broaden your horizons by creating exciting opportunities to better your future! We are attaining this through innovative and cutting-edge approaches, to cultivate and nurture your capacity to achieve your desired level of expertise and job readiness. In turn, we are supporting your lifelong learning, as well as enabling you to contribute to social development within your local community!

To equip learners to redeem their ability to grow their skills training and educational and employment potenti..

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To establish academic progression and polytechnic academies that facilitate our educational objectives, first ..

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To help learners achieve and maximise their potential to obtain employment, or to create and develop their own..

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To offer facilities for acquiring knowledge, practical skills and expertise, designed to boost both personal a..

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Hano Academy is the first and only accredited Academic Progression and Polytechnic Academy in Somalia, specialised in offering skills training (vocational and technical skills training) and professional education to support a mix of career-enhancing pathways, including:

Hano Academy is here to equip YOU with the capabilities to make the very best of your potential.

We will help you improve your knowledge and skills through educational development courses and training, and gain experience to develop the expertise necessary for places of employment. We work with you through innovative and cutting-edge approaches, intensively over a short space of time, for many courses (while other courses take at least one academic year, requiring a different learning style).
Whichever you choose, every option will help you to achieve and maximise your potential to obtain employment or to create and develop your own income-generating venture, or go further in education.

If you already have workplace skills and experience, the relevant education courses will advance your knowledge to a recognised and certifiable standard.

We also provide coherent career guidance and opportunities through links with employers.


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